Editing remote files with Emacs under Windows

Posted by Miguel Rentes on August 25, 2016
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Recently I had the need to edit remote files under Windows 10, and I used one of my favourite editors, which is emacs. In order to accomplish this, I only had to include these lines on the emacs init.el configuration file:

(require 'tramp)
(set-default 'tramp-auto-save-directory "C:\\Users\\<username>\\AppData\\Local\\Temp")
(set-default 'tramp-default-method "plink")

Replace <username> with your Windows user.

Don’t forget to check that the environmet variable %Path% contains the folder where plink.exe is.

After reloading the init.el configuration file using the command:

M-x load-file

then pressing return twice to accept the default filename, I could now edit remote files using the command to open a file:

C-x C-f

and specify the connection string:

/<remote username>@<remote host>:

then pressing return and entering the remote username password. Et voilá!

Until next time, have a lot of coding fun!