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Posted by Miguel Rentes on April 9, 2015
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This week I found out interviews from Fog Creek. These dev interviews are a great resource to find out what other developers are working on, how they started programming, what inspires them, and most importantly (at least, for me) how they work and how they manage to stay focused when producing software.

One of the developers I follow for a couple of years now, Peteris Krumins, did a interview recently where he talks about very interesting topics: what software related books he loves, how is his dev environment and how he enters “into the zone” to get the job done. You can read all the interview with Peteris Krumins (click on the image):

alt text

Inspired by this interview, I also did a search for more interviews available at the fog creek blog. These are the results I found, so far:

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If you wish, leave a comment sharing your thoughts on these interviews, or simply leave a line on how you work, what technologies are you testing and what motivates you in the software programming world. Happy reading!